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In the beginning…

6 Five 2′s is a friendly, family run taxi company, which has been in operation for over 15 years. The company is operated and owned by Mrs Julie and Mr John Davis, with help from their two daughters Dawn and Denice as well as their two sons Stuart and Simon.Humble Beginnings

John started the business over 15 years ago when he bought an existing taxi company called A2B, the business itself was situated on Sibthorpe St Mansfield with 5 cars and 3 members of office staff. John was also one of the drivers for the firm as well as helping to keep the cars in tip top condition to comply with strict taxi regulations.

Julie was a member of the office team and also put in a lot of hours and hard work running the business and keeping up with the paperwork and general day to day operations.

Needless to say the small firm blossomed and become very popular with the public so the business was expanded.

Telephone Number Origin

As the phone number for the business was altered and ’22222′ was made the priority number, John changed the business name from A2B to Five 2′s to suit the number, it became memorable and as our name is our number this in turn became our slogan.

We are still known by some of our local customers as A2B and we are still in phone books and on internet sites as A2B, the traditions of the previous name were kept. Our expanded fleet of 30 private hire and hackney vehicles now operated in Mansfield and the Ashfield area.

A few years later when phone numbers were altered and were made one digit longer, the 6 was put before the ’22222′ therefore becoming 6 Five 2′s.

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